Friday, 24 October 2014


What do you get when you put football player Andy Carroll in an old underground theatre in Islington with supermods Isabeli Fontana, Raquel Zimmermann, Joan Smalls and Natasha Poly?

Answer: a short fashion film to promote the H&M x Alexander Wang collaboration, which is like watching a bunch of supermods auditioning for a role in The Matrix Reloaded... loaded again. 

It's a clever way of highlighting the performance-wear functionalities in the collection and as Wang himself says, 'representing strong, heroic women who are almost superhuman' - which is basically all women then.

Set to an original Diplo track, watch the film below and the interactive version is available to see now at The range will be available in selected H&M stores worldwide and online from 6th November.


Thursday, 16 October 2014


Tying in with the recent opening of Frieze London, and proving that art like fashion, is for everyone - GAP has launched its final four-part collaboration with Visionaire magazine.

Featuring fifteen classic limited edition t-shirts and sweatshirts screen printed with iconic artwork and photography taken from the Visionaire archives - the collection includes images by Diana Vreeland, Steven Klein, Pierre et Gilles, Ruben Toledo, Marco Brambilla, Massimo Vitali, Alicja Kwade, Anna Blessman & Peter Saville, Cai-Guo Qiang, Catherine Chalmers, Christopher Bucklow, David Armstrong, Glenn Brown, Greg Foley and Sharon Ellis.

The Visionaire x Gap ART Collection is currently being showcased at The Gap Lounge, Frieze London until 18th October, where you can interact with the space and pre-order the pieces before they launch in stores next week. You can also see the collection in its entirety HERE.

Diana Vreeland

Massimo Vitali

Steven Klein

Pierre et Gilles

Christopher Bucklow


Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Let's face it, most of us have probably experienced that envious moment sitting outside Café de Flore watching the world (and countless beautiful French people) go by, wondering how we could possibly be more Parisian - and no, five Le Saint Germain's later it doesn't involve mumbling Merde! at Barnard your taxi driver because you forgot the name of your hotel.

There are many ways in which you can adopt a stylish laissez-faire attitude and none of them involve dousing yourself in a bath or beauty product which goes by the name of 'Paris Amour', eating more French toast and French fries, or marrying a smarmy French playboy whose trust fund is bigger than the cellar of champagne he gifts every girl he woos (Cheryl Cole, say no more). 

Here is model, muse, record label founder and all-round perfect Parisian, Caroline De Maigret, with her top 10 ways of how to achieve that je ne sais quoi - No 1 will make you laugh hard, especially if you work in fashion, hashtag #beentheredonethat.
Let's also hope Kim and Kanye have seen this, then we might be spared their très un-Parisian sloppy breasts hanging out on the front row at Lanvin ever again. Quelle horreur.


Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Photo © Imagenet

The last season of American Horror Story sadly didn’t end with all of the Kardashians moving into the house and joining the coven, but maybe they'll surprise us in the finale of the latest season instead, entitled Freak Show - umm, will the real Bruce Jenner please stand up.

But enough about endings, because the new fourth season just aired in the US, (UK screens can see it on Oct 21st) and as we hoped, it's already full of those 'what the hell is going on here?' moments. 
Bringing washed-up dame du jour's back, Jessica Lange’s latest reincarnation is as Elsa Mars, the leader of a troupe of circus freaks who has recently recruited satin-clad conjoined twins (played by Sarah Paulson). There's also Angela Bassett with three breasts (Jocelyn Wildenstein’s private plastic surgeon would be proud), Evan Peters binding his fingers together with transparent scotch tape and a bearded Kathy Bates - yes I'm soooo over those ugly front face hipster merkins too - but for some reason, big bushy facial hair on Kathy is totally ok with me.

If you hate twisty clowns and circus creeps then maybe avoid this Freak Show, but it's worth a look just to see Jessica Lange's cheek bones alone. 
Watch her as Elsa performing David Bowie's Life On Mars below - think Marlene Dietrich if she suddenly developed a passion for pastel eyeshadow.

Oh and please can the weird, twisted minds of Ryan Murphy and David Lynch get together for the new series of Twin Peaks. Thank you.


Friday, 10 October 2014


It took a lot of nerve for Kylie to release her last album 'Kiss Me Once' which was full of charisma (umm...), uniqueness (not really), talent (questionable) - not that I'm saying her tiny beauty didn't make up for how truly poor it was, but well, it didn't make up for how truly poor it was - and I'm pretty sure every sleep disorder clinic waiting room was empty on the day it was released.

So here she is making up for crimes to pop with her version of Kim Carnes‘ 1981 hit 'Bette Davis Eyes' as part of BBC Radio 2′s Sounds Of The ’80s series - yes, when I first heard Kylie had re-recorded the raspy-voiced ones rock homage to being a femme fatale, my head moved towards my hands too... but unbelievably she manages to churn out a synth-pop compliment to Kim which I really, really love.

Listen below, and when you're done with that, watch the original video HERE where Kim looks like she just left work in her power suit, pulled on some bejewelled gloves and fell into a New Romantic costume party. 
Oh, and #fashionfact for you, look out for a young Simon Doonan in the video (Creative Ambassador for Barneys NY, writer and fashion commentator), who pops up doing his best Adam Ant impression in a Westwood squiggle T-shirt and pirate hat.



If you've not yet picked it up off a newsstand near you, then go check out HEROINE magazine, the sister to HERO, which was launched last month to celebrate and explore the 'genre-evading, dynamic provocateurs who progress opinion - the protagonists of today’s unique attitude.'

The debut issue features Hollywood's rising talent, Juno Temple as its cover star lensed by Sebastian Kim; producer and actress Brit Marling discussing the meaning of life; New York-based artist, musician and icon of newness Fatima Al Qadiri; the inspiring and illuminating photography of Paola Kudacki and horror's new scream queen Lorenza Izzo.

Perfect reading material for the weekend.



Röyksopp & Robyn's collaborative EP 'Do It Again' featured the stand-out track 'Monument' - and in anticipation of the Norwegian duo's forthcoming album 'The Inevitable End' (their first since 'Senior' in 2010), the pair have released an alternative version of the official video, shot by director and cinematographer Stian Andersen.

Watch 'Monument (The Inevitable End Version)' below, which features Robyn on tour with the boys this Summer - the remix itself is available to download via iTunes now.
And just in case you didn't already know, the new LP will be the final Röyksopp album... sad face.



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