Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Picture: The Chrysler © Anja Niemi

Norwegian photographer Anja Niemi brings her latest series of work to The Little Black Gallery in London, in an exhibition which explores the relationship we have with ourselves.
"Darlene & Me" is based on the fictional character Darlene, who inhabits a house in the Californian desert, with imagery portraying two women, photographed together in displays of conflict, agony and comfort. The two are, of course the same woman - with Niemi in control as the photographer, subject and director of her images.

The exhibition runs from 15 January to 10 March. For more info head HERE.



If you've ever wondered what Shia LeBouf and Maddie Ziegler would look liked caged up together, then wonder no more - elusive chanteuse Sia has enlisted the help of the dance prodigy who appeared in her "Chandelier" video, for her latest release, "Elastic Heart" (also my favourite track on the "1000 Forms of Fear" album).

In a teaser video for the track, the pair stand opposite one another in a birdcage-like prison, with Maddie in her trademark Sia wig - let's hope the full version sees them engage in a bit of sumo-wrestling, leotard-wearing interpretive dance, because we all know how much Shia loves the lycra.

"Elastic Heart" - which features The Weeknd and Diplo - was originally written for the Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack back in November 2013.

Watch below and look out for the full video soon!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Image © Duly Noted Recordings

The Night VI captured my attention back in 2013, with their beautifully melancholic offering "Thinking Of You", and now they're back with another reflective and dreamy fusion of heartache pop, entitled “Too Late To Lie”.

Think the twangy guitars of Haim meets the misty melodies of Fleetwood Mac meets the sensually strong vocals of London Grammar, and you're on that musical journey which blends lyrical fragility with an eclectic soundscape, leaving you to drift off into the emotional unknown.....making up your own ending.  
Listen below.

Their third as-yet-untitled 6-track EP is due for release on 30th September which you can pre-order now, featuring an immediate download of “Too Late To Lie”. 

You can also read my interview with the band last year for Wonderland Magazine, HERE.


NRVS LVRS - "CITY LIGHTS" #onestowatch

Image © Prescription PR

If you like CHVRCHES, then you'll like the debut track from 6-piece San Fran newcomers, NRVS LVRS.
"City Lights" is a musical version of an 80s ice-cream sundae, layered with snappy fresh pop beats, whispy lyrical tones and electro-handclapping on top, conjuring up colourful soundscapes - while as you dig deeper, the infectious synth, heavy drum loops and hazy indie guitar melodies ooze an experimental mix of flavours that leave you wanting more. 
Listen below. 

The band's debut LP "The Golden West", is released on 16th March via Hz Castle Records.



Image © Atlantic

"When you love somebody they'll always leave too soon, but a memory, a memory can make a flower bloom. We wanna be remembered. Don't wanna live in vein. But nothing lasts forever. This world is in a losing game," sings Marina, she of the Diamonds, in her latest slinky electro-pop offering for 2015, entitl
ed "Immortal".

Taken from the singer-songwriter's upcoming third album "Froot", it's a stirringly deep and reflective track with an equally contemplative video, which features Marina surrounded by memories in the form of projected home videos - basically it's all about undying love. 
Watch below.

"Froot" is released on 6th April.


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

IN YOUR FACE @SHOWstudio x @EDITIONHotels #ArtBasel

Image © SHOWstudio

For their latest interview series, SHOWstudio collaborated with the Miami Beach EDITION hotel as part of their Art Basel Miami Beach launch. 

Selecting pioneering figures from contemporary culture, all shot by Nick Knight on location at the hotel’s exclusive new bungalows, each subject's face has been framed in a short video, inviting the viewer into a living portrait which seamlessly blends emotion and intimacy.

The 'In Your Face' interview residency captures unparalleled insights into the mind
 of each subject, drawn from the worlds of art, fashion and celebrity, including visionaries such as hotelier Ian Schrager, acclaimed artist Aaron Young, curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, Mexican artist Pedro Reyes, Turner Prize winner Martin Creed and 'Internet' artist, Ryder Ripps.

Watch two of the interviews below - the first featuring model and artist Phoebe Collings-James discussing her take on feminism - and the second focusing on renowned performance artist 
Marina Abramović, as she explores her thoughts on motivation and the human spirit.

Thursday, 4 December 2014


I bet Instagram's "Free The Nipple" equality movement squealed with delight when they saw the Queen of provocation's latest shoot with Mert & Marcus for Interview Magazine - yes, Madonna got her tits out. And Beyonce's worst enemy, Annie Lennox, tutted at yet another female icon letting the feminists down. Really? 

Let's look at the evidence. 1. Madonna has had her tits out since 1980-something. 2. Annie Lennox shouldn't be so judgmental about a pair of tits when she hangs out with the likes of Bono and Celine Dion. 3. Madonna encoded sexuality, beauty and power into a performance embodiment which celebrates female empowerment, so what's wrong with showing some skin in an artfully tasteful way? 4. I couldn't think of a number four, so let's just watch the scene in "A League Of Their Own" where Madonna says "What if my bosoms come flying out?."

Feminist opinions aside, it's the return of her Madge and that's all we really care about, and if you're offended by her tits, then it's probably because those nipples are photoshopped to the point of looking like they were dipped in ice before their official coming out to poke your eyeballs party.

Read her full interview with David Blaine, who always looks like he's stoned, HERE.

All Photos: Marcus Piggott and Mert Alas/Interview



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