Friday, 25 August 2017


Photo: Julian Wasser/Getty Images

Pioneer of new journalism, literary heavyweight and cultural icon, Joan Didion - who has most probably been quoted more times on Instagram than she's been read, unfortunately - is to be the focus of an upcoming documentary entitled 'The Centre Will Not Hold', directed by her nephew Griffin Dunne.

Including archival footage and one-on-one conversations with 82 year-old Didion about “partying with Janis Joplin in a house full of L.A. rockers, hanging in a recording studio with Jim Morrison and cooking dinner for one of Charles Manson’s women for a magazine story," - the film is the first to feature Didion on Didion in her own words.

Last seen in the 2015 Celine campaign, shot by Juergen Teller, which kickstarted a new wave of Didion-mania, Dunne said in statement, “It is a tremendous honour to have the opportunity to convey the life and work of my aunt, and literary icon, Joan Didion.”

He continued, "She says somewhere in the movie how much the landscape of California and her ancestors and the women in her family who came across (the country), how deeply ingrained that frontier spirit and morality and work ethic and practicality is embedded in her soul.”

One not to miss, Joan Didion: The Centre Will Not Hold will premiere at the New York Film Festival and will launch on Netflix on October 27. Watch a preview below, and for more info, head HERE


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