Wednesday, 21 June 2017


The 'French Touch' as it's known, is a term term coined by Melody Maker journalist Martin James in a 1996 column, in which he hit on the distinctive spin or je ne sais quoi which French producers and DJs put on house music in the mid-90s – think disco samples, robotic vocals and heavy filter and phaser effects.
Daft Punk, Cassius, Bob Sinclair and St Germain et al were at the forefront of this reinvention of French dance music, experimenting by marrying old disco loops to house beats, making something distinctive and beautiful which played out at raves inside a Chateaux, or underground warehouses in the suburbs. Today those sonically sensuous sounds have become mainstream tunes vibrating across Parisian clubland. 

So to pay homage to the City of Love's other passion - music - Beats have created a short film entitled "For The Love of Music", which showcases some of the people who have helped define Paris's music scene, and also the next generation of Parisians shaping it for the future - young radicals changing the way the city moves, its attitudes and how music pulsates throughout it all.

"With what is happening in the world right now, we need hope, we need curiosity, we need people who dare to say a positive message” explains androgynous model and DJ Agathe Mougin in the film's opening, which also stars musician and performance artist Oko Ebombo, iconic electro duo Justice and the new wave Gallic It-girls of Gucci Gang.

Watch the film below.



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