Tuesday, 21 February 2017


If you've ever wondered what really went on behind the scenes at Maison Martin Margiela in the label's early days, then your wait to find out will be over soon.

A new documentary and book, both released later this year entitled 'We Margiela', will provide an emotive and illuminating look into one of the most enigmatic and influential fashion houses, featuring former members of the creative collective - including co-founder Jenny Meirens, the first design teams, Axel Keller (who worked in sales), make-up artist Inge Grognard, and in-house model Grace Fisher (who met Margiela in a nightclub) - all revealing their personal collections and stories about how the brand became an unforgettable chapter in their lives. 
None of the subjects of the film have spoken extensively or publicly about their experiences before.

The documentary will also explore the genesis of the house and the legacy of MMM, breaking boundaries and going against the system of fashion, ultimately resulting in a conflict between creativity and commerciality, and how it all ended.

For more info, head to the documentary's official website HERE.



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