Monday, 9 January 2017


Tate's New Extension © Tate

A pop-up art school created by the students, staff and alumni of Central Saint Martins opened at Tate Modern's Switch House today running until 15 January. 

The scheme forms part of a wider drive to make the gallery more accessible to the general public, and will enable visitors to attend workshops, lectures and classes that aim to highlight the current crisis facing arts education in schools.
Government plans could threaten the future of how arts subjects will be taught in UK schools, with a possible exclusion of those subjects from the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) – a new performance measure - sparking a campaign to ensure traditional subjects like art, music and drama are not withdrawn from curriculums.

The Tate's workshops, lectures and classes in collaboration with CSM aim to draw attention to the forces "currently threatening arts education" and "what resistance we can offer", according to the organisers.  
Alex Schady, the fine art programme leader at Central Saint Martins, says, “Now is a good time to put a spotlight on arts education; it is crucial that the arts are a mainstay of the curriculum, we need daring thinkers from diverse backgrounds. There have been dramatic drops in people taking up art A-level.”

Anna Cutler, Tate’s Director of Learning says, “This is an exchange between what the public brings and what we bring to the conversation. Our visitors carry their own culture with them and can use museums and galleries as creative spaces for exploring what that means.”

Highlights of the pop-up art school include a fashion show featuring clothes made from recycled street rubbish found in London, and an event / discussion about women in art. 
With students becoming teachers and galleries becoming studios, standard orthodoxies of the art school will be upturned.

This is an Art School will take place at Level 5 of the Tate Modern Switch House from 9 -15 January 2017. For more info head HERE.



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