Tuesday, 17 May 2016


All Images © Rizzoli

Jefferson Hack has released a new book about creativity, collaboration and the future of publishing, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of Dazed & Confused - one of the first magazines he founded in 1991 with photographer Rankin
We Can’t Do This Alone: Jefferson Hack The System, features interviews and contributions from Bjork, Tilda Swinton, Douglas Coupland and Ai Wei Wei among others, alongside a look at Dazed, Nowness and AnOther’s many collaborations with artists, designers and musicians over the years.

Designed and edited by New York-based art director Ferdinando Verderi, each 300-page copy is
 unique with a numbered cover (in a 5000 print run), made up of archive images from spreads printed using a Kodak inkjet printer. Creating a distinct aesthetic of bold type, quieter serifs and a rigid structure in spreads (each features two sidebars, a wide gutter break and a side note from Hack introducing the project), chapters are introduced by a series of statements or questions, which Verderi says aim to “break up” the archival content).
“The book’s main design feature is its rhythm, the flow of which is intentionally interrupted by dissonant sections and elements,” he says. “[It] is built in a perfectly symmetrical way from front to end, with the original content at its extremes and the archival content at its centre, providing a sense of circularity.”

Described as “a journey into underground culture”, the book is more of a manifesto than a retrospective, fusing a mix of old and new material, paying homage to inspiring cultural figures from previous issues of Dazed and AnOther over the years, and also the pioneers of media and art who have sought to challenge the status quo.

Images Above © Corinne Day / Rizzoli. Day once lived in a flat above Dazed’s offices on Brewer Street. “She taught me a lot about photography,” says Hack

In his foreword for the book, Hack writes: “The independent way is a way of keeping the magic alive…. As soon as publishing becomes solely in the aid of commerce and power, then its creativity and decision-making becomes about the formulas of success and not invention. The process becomes a means to an end.”

We Can’t Do This Alone: Jefferson Hack The System is published by Rizzoli today, priced at £50. Dazed will also be hosting events in various cities to promote the book’s launch – the first, at Parisian concept store Colette, takes place tonight. An exhibition of artwork from the book will be on show at the store for the rest of this month, and art-focused fashion label Each x Other has also produced a run of t-shirts featuring Verderi’s typographic designs including, “A Cultural Resistance Movement” and “If You Can’t Afford It, Steal It”, priced from €155 - €255. See the collection below and to shop the tees, head HERE.

Images © Chad Moore. NY, May 2016


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