Thursday, 21 April 2016


Blue-black in Black on Brown, New York, 1981

Jean-Paul Goude, the man who shot Naomi Campbell riding an elephant and a crocodile, 

Kim Kardashian balancing a champagne glass on her bottom, and Grace Jones in various poses - the singer and performer was his muse and former girlfriend - has now opened his exhibition “So Far So Goude” at Milan’s PAC museum. 

Creating some of the past few decades most visually arresting images, Goude's iconic archive is a sexually-charged and surrealist mix of cult imagery - the exhibition, hosted by Tod's, focuses on the women who have inspired him from the “minets” of the ’60s to the New York of Warhol and cultural hybrids to Grace Jones
“We looked back in time and we tried to determine the roots of my work,” he told WWD. “This clearly indicates my preferences.”

"So Far, So Goude’ runs at Milan’s PAC Museum until 19 June.



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