Friday, 5 February 2016


Electro pop pioneer, Gary Numan, is to premiere his documentary '
Android in LaLa Land' at this year's SXSW Film Festival next month.
Described by former Loaded magazine art director Steve Read, as "the most extraordinary access to one of the most extraordinary artists in the world today. It is as up close and personal as it gets", the intimate film follows Numan's rollercoaster ride with fame, his family's move from the UK to LA, returning to the studio and being out on the road, and his battles with depression, anxiety and near bankruptcy.

"It's like, imagine you're standing at a train station and this express train comes flying through, and you put your hand out and you grab it and it whisks you away at lightning speed and everything is a blur. Then, at some point, you lose your grip, and you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, a bit beaten up and totally lost", says Numan on camera.

Watch the official trailer for the film below.



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