Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Images © Mott Collection

Upcoming in LA next month is 'Skinhead Archive', an exhibition showcasing original source material from the book by artist and punk historian Toby Mott.

Designed by Jamie Reid, the book explores the original iteration of skinhead, revivalism in the late 70s and 80s, the fascist interpretation, the socialist counterpoint, queer skinhead culture, exploitation literature and skin girls. It also includes texts from writers and filmmakers such as Bruce la Bruce, who co-edited the queer punk zine J.D.s in the mid-eighties.

The exhibition, also curated by Mott, offers an opportunity to see items from his rare collection, showcasing zines, posters and other vital ephemera from one of the most controversial, provocative and radical subcultural movements.

SKINHEAD ARCHIVE: The Mott Collection runs from 13th February to 12th March at Lethal Amounts, 1226 W 7th St, Los Angeles.

No Skin off my Ass VHS cover, © Bruce LaBruce, 1994



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