Friday, 27 November 2015


Image © Fanny-Tour Lambert

So glad that Eliot Sumner switched from the synth-pop of 'I Blame Coco' (her former project), to a darker more complicated place, fusing her husky vocals with screaming guitars and a new harder energy.

Her latest release, I Followed You Home, continues the grittier-edged soundscape, this time with a stalker theme - and we're not talking a decadent dirt digging session on Instagram where you accidentally like a picture of the object of your affection with their partner, and then hysterically unlike it - we're talking actually turning up at their home, which plays out in Sumner's track like some kind of fantasy love story... even though it's really all kinds of fatal attraction-ish and kinda don't do it.

Watch the video below, which has very little stalking in it and lots of noir shots from life on the road with Eliot.

Sumner releases her debut album 'Information' on 22 January via Cherrytree, but you can check out the Information
 EP which is addictive listening, out now via iTunes.



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