Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Image © Jan Welters

I was once chatted up by model-humping human Seal, backstage at a Vivienne Westwood show in Paris when I was a fashion student - sadly for him he was replaced by a much, much, much, MUCH, more relevant moment - the free bar opening, so it was a kiss from a NO WAY from me.
But he does croon out some good songs I guess, like his latest release 'Do You Ever', taken from the upcoming album '7'.

It's a track full of lyrical lows about recklessness, regret and letting love slip away, so don't expect to see the happy couple dance to this track if you're going to a wedding any time soon.
But do expect to like it, because it's rich with the power of stirring up your feelings through sheer force of being.

Seal releases 7 via Reprise Records on November 6.



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