Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Atlanta-born, Brooklyn-based multi-disciplinary musician BOSCO, has the kind of husky raw sensuality which draws you into her world, putting herself on the line with deep and affecting lyrical clarity.

Her latest offering "Gold Ghost", follows her signature experimental soul and R&B soundscape, an infectious mix where you can hear every breath as she tells stories of falling from grace, being at the bitter end and not belonging - you would think she's evoking and unravelling the heady spirit of heartbreak - but no, she's actually referencing her personal struggles to gain recognition and be taken seriously as a recording artist, particularly when hailing from a grassroots, post-punk, DIY area like Atlanta.

BOSCO's vocal dynamism and depth of creative vision, along with emotive musical leanings fuelled by skill and agility, make her a unique and honest artist I'm looking forward to hearing more of.
Check out "Gold Ghost" from her debut "BOY" EP below.



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