Thursday, 28 May 2015


Image © Johannes Helje / Island Records

Any singer whose lyrics and musical soundscape explore raw chemistry, the darker heart at its core and therapy-like self-examination, is basically alright with me - which is why Swedish singer-songwriter Tove Lo is one habit I'm trying hard not to break. 

Her debut album "Queen of the Clouds" is full of the joys of break ups, rooted in fragile yet biting refrains cemented together with insatiable and triumphant choruses.
Lo holds nothing back, best heard in the addictive track “Moments” with the line, “I can get a little drunk, I get into all the don’ts. But on good days, I am charming as fuck."
Yes, we can all relate...

The album is out now and for those of you hoping to catch her live, Lo is playing the V Festival this August.



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