Tuesday, 19 May 2015

INSIGHT: PHOTO LONDON 2015 | @photolondonorg

© Nobuyoshi Araki / In Camera Galerie, Paris

The first time I came across Nobuyoshi Araki's book, 'Tokyo Lucky Hole', I was in a museum shop in Rotterdam, and little did I know that the Japanese photographer's sensual but controversial narratives (actually let's just call them 'kinky'), would grip my eyes from sheer curiosity for the next hour almost - flicking through page after page of avant-garde imagery capturing the sex shows, orgies, and bizarre crazes of Tokyo's Shinjuku red light district - a mix of mundane life vs fantasy life.

Araki's take on female power roles poses many questions, shifting focus from the scandalous representation of women towards the personal dimension of his artistic sensibility, as he presents graphic pictures of women trussed up in states of undress (kinbaku rope bondage nudes), depicting the hidden eroticism beneath Japan's polite society.
Whatever your opinion, his work is compelling and his vision has undoubtedly re-shaped the modern imagery of sexual pleasure, deliberately pushing against the creative censorship and cultural constraints of his home country.

Now Araki and other iconic curators, including Nick Knight and Jean-François Lepage, are to showcase some of their archive of work at Photo London, the city's first international photography fair, which takes place at Somerset House.
Aiming to strengthen the public's relationship with photography, the exhibition will offer an exclusive insight into the diversity of visual art.

Photo London from 21 – 24 May.



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