Friday, 6 February 2015


I just wanted to lose control, lose a sense of self, and just have fun,” says St├ęphanie Sokolinski, aka, Soko, the French-born singer/songwriter and self-proclaimed "white goth" - which loosely translates as someone who resembles a permanently stoned teen crisis with a penchant for self-destruction and morbidity, often dressed in whatever they found lying near to them on the floor they passed out on. They also probably cite The Cure and Morrissey as their idols... bless them and their grunge-heavy melancholia.

Anyway, you might like Soko, as many photographers du jour do, because she's the equivalent of a human question mark wrapped in quirkiness, or to put it another way, she's a girl with a guitar who sings about her feelings, and does that neu-folk-meets-an-alien veneer thing really well.

Take some pulsating punk-like beats, psychedelic vibes and reverb-soaked keyboards and you have her latest release "Ocean Of Tears", and the accompanying video which is like watching an old home video you found behind a sofa, labelled 'That One Time We Couldn't Remember' - where you and your friends took some hallucinatory aids and danced around wearing bunny heads and snorkels and attempted to dive in a kiddie's paddling pool. Crazy right?

Directed by Nina Ljeti using a fisher price VHS camera (no really), watch below:


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