Friday, 13 February 2015


Image © Larry Clark

Drawing inspiration from underground culture and the seductive vision of eternal youth, cult director, photographer and provocateur, Larry Clark (Kids, 1995) has collaborated with French shoe designer and skateboard enthusiast, Eugène Riconneaus, in a exhibition entitled, "New Work".
Exploring new esoteric, erotic and forbidden dimensions of adolescence, the project features some of Clark's most iconic and controversial photographs, moodily tempered with skateboard wheel tracks lifted from a series of never-before-seen images shot by Riconneaus in front of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, over a period of 6 years.

Clark is of course criticised and revered for his unrestrained, candid and obsessive portrayal of urban youth, a story unfolding gritty landscapes of sex, drugs and violence, all captured in a raw, grainy monochrome which would later go on to define the confessional styles adopted by other photographic visionaries such as Nan Goldin and Corinne Day.

Clark's heavily documented images of skate kids in the early 90s seamlessly fuses with Riconneaus' own passion for the sport and its accompanying lifestyle aesthetic which is built into parts of his design signature. For the collaboration, he and Clark have taken their own personal experiences within the culture and its impact on fashion, to create a limited edition skateboard sneaker, which will be officially unveiled during the exhibition.

Featuring a DJ set by Charly Party, the show will run at Galerie ADC (76, Rue Quincampoix) in Paris, from the 16 to 18 February.

You can also read an interview I did with Eugène about his shred aesthetic, for Dazed & Confused HERE



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