Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Not gonna lie, I'm a lot in love with the Southern Gothic charm of Devan DuBois right now... and not just because he knows how to wear a good hat.

The part Philipino, part Indian singer / songwriter who hails from Louisiana delivers a smoky-vocal oozing with raw, gritty emotion in a Lana Del Rey-esque way (if you imagine Lana as a man that is), soothing your achy breaky heart with every word. 

Aesthetically I think I've found the one and combined with his dreamy lyrics and strummy folky guitar rhythms blended into trippy distorted beats.... my eyes are so glad they can't un-see him.

Check out the official video for his debut track, ‘Long Live’ below, directed by Chuck David Willis, an artsy B&W tale exploring the connections between life and surrealism and foolishness and wisdom.

His vocals echo throughout the song with a deep poetic sentiment, “We came out with our hands up and we were dancing, it was a sight to see. Light broke in through the canyons all who were standing fell to their knees.” Sigh...

His album 'Le Fou' is out now - go and download it or your ears will never forgive you.



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