Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Let's face it, most of us have probably experienced that envious moment sitting outside Café de Flore watching the world (and countless beautiful French people) go by, wondering how we could possibly be more Parisian - and no, five Le Saint Germain's later it doesn't involve mumbling Merde! at Barnard your taxi driver because you forgot the name of your hotel.

There are many ways in which you can adopt a stylish laissez-faire attitude and none of them involve dousing yourself in a bath or beauty product which goes by the name of 'Paris Amour', eating more French toast and French fries, or marrying a smarmy French playboy whose trust fund is bigger than the cellar of champagne he gifts every girl he woos (Cheryl Cole, say no more). 

Here is model, muse, record label founder and all-round perfect Parisian, Caroline De Maigret, with her top 10 ways of how to achieve that je ne sais quoi - No 1 will make you laugh hard, especially if you work in fashion, hashtag #beentheredonethat.
Let's also hope Kim and Kanye have seen this, then we might be spared their très un-Parisian sloppy breasts hanging out on the front row at Lanvin ever again. Quelle horreur.



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