Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Photo © Imagenet

The last season of American Horror Story sadly didn’t end with all of the Kardashians moving into the house and joining the coven, but maybe they'll surprise us in the finale of the latest season instead, entitled Freak Show - umm, will the real Bruce Jenner please stand up.

But enough about endings, because the new fourth season just aired in the US, (UK screens can see it on Oct 21st) and as we hoped, it's already full of those 'what the hell is going on here?' moments. 
Bringing washed-up dame du jour's back, Jessica Lange’s latest reincarnation is as Elsa Mars, the leader of a troupe of circus freaks who has recently recruited satin-clad conjoined twins (played by Sarah Paulson). There's also Angela Bassett with three breasts (Jocelyn Wildenstein’s private plastic surgeon would be proud), Evan Peters binding his fingers together with transparent scotch tape and a bearded Kathy Bates - yes I'm soooo over those ugly front face hipster merkins too - but for some reason, big bushy facial hair on Kathy is totally ok with me.

If you hate twisty clowns and circus creeps then maybe avoid this Freak Show, but it's worth a look just to see Jessica Lange's cheek bones alone. 
Watch her as Elsa performing David Bowie's Life On Mars below - think Marlene Dietrich if she suddenly developed a passion for pastel eyeshadow.

Oh and please can the weird, twisted minds of Ryan Murphy and David Lynch get together for the new series of Twin Peaks. Thank you.



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