Monday, 1 September 2014


'SOMEBODY' is film No 8 in Miu Miu's acclaimed Women's Tales series, an on-going project commissioning a host of female directors to critically celebrate femininity in the 21st century. Directed by performance artist Miranda July and with cinematography by Sebastian Wintero (Sia's Chandelier video), this latest tale explores the bittersweet relationship we have with technology, particularly in relation to the connection and conversation between strangers.

With the help of the fashion house and a development team, Miranda created the which allows you to send a message to a recipient that you can't (or don't) want to deliver in person - once the message is sent, the person geographically closest to your recipient then acts as a stand in and delivers it verbally for you!
It's basically the break-up solution we've all been waiting for, dumping someone over an electronic device is now totally acceptable because it's a fancy app. Try it here!

Back to the film, which also showcases Miu Miu's Autumn/ Winter 2014 collection as characters mix pieces with vintage and streetwear, presenting the everyday, reverse-engineering the clothes back to their origins. 

You can view the entire archive of films 1-7 via the Miu Miu website, but for now, watch the latest instalment below.... and you will crack a smile, even if it is Monday. 



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