Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Café de Flore - Doctor Rockit (Charles Webster Latin Lovers Mix)

Fragmented, mystically atmospheric and a little fantastically offbeat are just three ways to describe director Jean-Marc Vallée's 2011 film "Café de Flore", an experimental offering which alternates between two different tales of love and heartbreak in France and Montreal - neither of which are emotively stirring to be fair, but the heavily slapped on amour fou in the French story is seductively engaging at times.
The reason I'm writing about this film though has nothing to do with the storyline or characters, and everything to do with its soundtrack, and having heard it completely by chance again this past weekend, I'm sharing the track which seamlessly flirts its way throughout the movie with a sexy hint of Frenchness about it. 

Check out Doctor Rockit's 'Café de Flore' (Charles Webster Latin Lovers Mix) below.... pure Parisian ear porn for your next dinner party soirée.



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