Thursday, 17 July 2014

VIDEO: Lykke Li - Gunshot

So by now we're all used to Scandi-synthpopstress Lykke Li's full on wounded heart rhymes which bring with them an onslaught of emotional turmoil, usually set to all-encompassing deliciously dramatic productions which stir the senses.
Her latest release, Gunshot, is another one of those heartbreak hotel power ballads which unfolds a tale of raw lost passion, as Lykke compares a failed relationship to a bullet through the head - "And the shot goes through my head and back / Gunshot, I can't take it back".

It's the second single to be taken from her mournful album, I Never Learn, and it's basically the kind of track you put on in a room, on your own, while slumped over a glass of whiskey (a large one).
Along with the track comes the Fleur and Manu-directed video, which sees Lykke fully embracing interpretative dance while in an empty car park with some twerking-girls and bikers, set in a post-apocalyptic world, with styling that any Grunge band would be proud of.
Watch below.



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