Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Nothing But Thieves - Graveyard Whistling #OnesToWatch

This song should immediately set off sparks in your heart. 

"Graveyard Whistling" is the title track on the new EP from UK five-piece band Nothing But Thieves - a sensitive and effortless blending of pop and indie-rock, it creeps low with an almost cavernous and cold feeling, seamlessly weaving through intricate musical arrangements which eventually soar into an atmospheric euphoria perfectly accompanied by frontman Conor's angelic and fragile vocals.

After one listen your mind and body will be emotionally exhausted, but there is one slight positive in the moody melancholy as the chorus reminds us, "If you don't can't hurt you." 
Now there's a rule for life.

The Graveyard Whistling EP is out now to download via iTunes.



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