Thursday, 22 May 2014

Lana Del Rey - "West Coast" Grades Icon Remix

Ok so I thought Lana's original for 'West Coast' was addictive but now an 'Icon' remix of the track by Grades has been unveiled, which features an alternative vocal take by Lana. 
Listen below - this should basically be turned up very loud while you lounge on your Malibu balcony (or your tiny London rooftop) with cocktail in hand.

The singer's second album, 'Ultraviolence' is released in the UK on June 16 - full tracklist below.

'Cruel World'
'Shades Of Cool'
'Brooklyn Baby'
'West Coast'
'Sad Girl'
'Pretty When You Cry'
'Money Power Glory'
'Fucked My Way Up To The Top'
'Old Money'
'The Other Woman'
'Black Beauty' (Bonus track)
'Guns And Roses' (Bonus track)
'Florida Kilos' (Bonus track)'



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