Thursday, 29 May 2014

"Impossible Love" - Soo Joo Park x Vs Magazine

Korean model Soo Joo Park is the star of a short film entitled “Impossible Love” directed by filmmaker and director Jenna Elizabeth and styled by Vibe Dabelsteen for 

The short is an intense and moody tale where the dark side of desire emerges, as the model passionately falls for an aesthetically perfect male bust statue. As Vs.Magazine explains, "The fashion short plays on the elusive, the unattainable and how it can haunt us, even to our own destruction..."
It's almost like a modern re-telling of the Greek myth of Pygmalion, but rather than portraying a sculptor, the Karl Lagerfeld muse slinks around as a sexy siren instead, clad in Australian fashion label Morris Janks.

Watch below.



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