Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Official Trailer: Eleanor Ambos Interiors #Nomadique #EleanorAmbos

German-born maverick Eleanor Ambos is a celebrated interior designer whose work has included furnishing the homes of diplomats, remodeling and breathing life once again into forgotten and dilapidated properties - and most notably, using an old factory warehouse as a home to all of her collected antique furniture, which over time has grown to be a commercial photographer's paradise and the backdrop for countless magazine shoots. 

In a new documentary which follows her extraordinary life, we witness the whimsical Eleanor as she slowly loses her eyesight to macular degeneration, forcing her to reckon with a crumbling structure which even for her, is impossible to restore.

Confused by the physical limitations imposed on her, there are moments of vulnerability which bring a new philosophy on life and what really is worth seeing. I particularly love the part when Director Andrew Ellis asks her to state her occupation and she answers, "Crazy." 
I love Eleanor. The End.

Watch the official trailer below and for more info, head HERE.



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