Thursday, 6 March 2014

Sorelli Presents: The Evil Rock N Roll Hollywood Cat

Juliana Sorelli (also known as Juju), is a young french film director who is now turning her creative eye to fashion, by launching a store in Hollywood which doesn't actually have a name, it just features the drawing of a cat on its blue shop-front - so it's become known as '
The Evil Rock N Roll Hollywood Cat'. 

Fusing a 1920′s living room design aesthetic with elements of punk and a rocky jailbirds vibe (signature themes extended from her films), the store will stock custom made denim and leather jackets, embroidered sweatshirts, a basics range and custom made jewellery. For those of you into the artsy side of life, the store will also feature photographic prints by Brad Elterman, a range of noir pop culture books and magazines and some seriously cool vintage records - basically it's like a fantasy world of ephemeral objects. 
In the future, screenings, talks and other live performances are planned for the store along with the unveiling of a secret gallery, so it's most definitely one to watch next time you're in Cali.

To celebrate the launch of the unique boutique, the LA-based director has created a short film entitled 'Hollywood Lucifer' starring 
Abbey Lee, Riley Keough and Gabe Niles. Watch it below.

The Evil Rock N Roll Hollywood Cat - 1608 N Las Palmas Ave. Hollywood, CA



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