Monday, 31 March 2014

Official Video: Bernhoft - Come Around

"That song came to me while I was driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles and blasting the radio and just being reminded of what music can do to you, how much it can affect you,"
says Norwegian singer Bernhoft - discussing his new single 'Come Around.'

Bernhoft is basically a retro soul man who also likes to flirt with funk and that's why I'm ever so slightly in love with his voice - this song is also HIGHLY ADDICTIVE in a feel-good sun-kissed kinda way.

Check out the official video for the song below, directed by Joey Garfield, which features the multi-instrumentalist singing while sat on a chair at the bottom of a swimming pool - he obviously has an above average lung capacity because he managed to shoot for 90 seconds at a time!

Bernhoft's forthcoming album, 'Islander,' is out on June 24, inspired [in his words] by "the trailblazing soul of Stevie Wonder and Sly Stone, and the intricate folk-rock of Carole King" - that's basically the musical memories of my entire childhood right there.... shout out to my Mum & Dad for having such great taste!



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