Thursday, 6 March 2014

Kim Basinger x Interview Magazine March

Despite having that 'almost off to the clink' look about her in recent years, possibly brought on by having a crazy ex-husband called Alec Baldwin - who let's be honest would make anyone's mind completely numbed to the point where you inject pure caffeine into your eyeballs - look at Kim now!

Shot by Craig McDean, the 60-year-old looks stunning in the March issue of Interview magazine, shot by photographer Craig McDean - stunning to the point where LA Confidential could've been released just yesterday.
And how refreshing to see another big screen star embracing aging naturally and gracefully - unlike the general crop of Hollywood wives, ex-wives and singletons who can't move their faces, and when they do, it's like watching an iceberg slowly break off into the ocean.

Go Kim!

And go Jessica Lange (64) as the new face of Marc Jacobs beauty campaign and Brit actress Charlotte Rampling (68) as the next face of Nars cosmetics, for their 20th anniversary campaign launching in September.

Images © Craig McDean



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