Thursday, 27 March 2014

Fashion x Opera: Coco and Karl in "Platée"

So opera's latest trope is to pay homage to fashion, with a new production of 
"Platée," based on the 18th century Jean-Philippe Rameau comic opera - but this version oozes references to the House of Chanel.
First performed in 1745 in Versailles, the Robert Carsen directed adaptation focuses on the tale of a not-so-attractive water nymph named Platée - the ultimate fashion victim, who thinks the King of the Gods, Jupiter, is in love with her - in actual fact, he's simply flirting with her to punish his overly jealous wife Juno for being a little too possessive. 

Channelling Coco Chanel, Juno is clad in classic tweed, while Jupiter resembles Karl Lagerfeld, complete with white ponytail, eye shields and a rip-off Choupette in his arms.

The show's set design is also reimagined as Chanel’s headquarters and even fashion heavyweights Anna Wintour and Hamish Bowles make a look-a-likey appearance.

I don't quite know what to make of it all..... but watch the short film below, directed by Felipe Sanguinetti (courtesy of NOWNESS), which basically looks like Madonna's hi-glam 90s Vogue phase and a Lady Cray Cray video all rolled into one.

Platée runs in Paris until Sunday and will then move on to New York. For more info, head HERE.



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