Wednesday, 12 February 2014

"Kings" + "Believe In Me" x @ThePiercesMusic #newmusic

The Pierces just have that naturally bewitching way of making floaty, happy, folk-rock infused tunes which ooze harmonies that just make me want to be driving along a desert road in a convertible muscle car, singing along out loud - case in point, "You'll Be Mine".

And now the sisters are back with a new album entitled "Creation", which features their signature emotional and melodic mix of new-age pop-tronic-rock, and as with their last album, conjures up a gothic bohemian visual backdrop of them both twirling around a room in fringed lace shawls with a tambourine, à la Stevie Nicks - and funnily enough, the duo still receive comparisons to the likes of Fleetwood Mac, which is no bad thing.

The album is due for release on 2 June, and the first track to be unveiled was the hypnotic "Kings" (which my neighbours are surely bored of hearing by now). Up next is “Believe In Me” which received its first UK airplay today and is released on 31 March - musically, I am so in love right now.

Listen to both tracks below:



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