Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Pearls Negras x "Pensado Em Você" (Thinking of You)

You may recall back in December I brought you news about the release of the 'Biggie Apple' mixtape, from Brazilian all-girl rap gang Pearls Negras.

The trio, who hail from Rio's Vidigal favela, have now released a video for the track "Pensado Em Você" (Thinking of You), taken from the mixtape, which features the girls hanging out in the colourful square situated at the very top of the favela. 

With a look that channels late-night Rihanna meets a Brazilian mistress named Francisca from a Jackie Collins novel, the girls prove that it's totally possible to rock a feisty attitude, while still wearing braces on your teeth.

Watch the video below, and you can listen to the 'Biggie Apple' mixtape in full HERE.



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