Thursday, 2 January 2014

Mint Royale feat. Willem Dafoe - Ring

If like me your memories of Christmas and the New Year have been erased by all of the wine you drank for breakfast, lunch, post-lunch, early evening, dinner, post-dinner and bedtime - then here is a gentle way to kick start your brain into gear for the New Year (and no I didn't mean for that to rhyme).

Inspired by a podcast interview on The Nerdist website featuring actor Willem Dafoe, and a recent theatre show about performance artist Marina Abramović’s extraordinary life, which also starred Dafoe - Manchester-based electronic duo Mint Royale (who gave us the addictive "Singin' in the Rain" remix back in 2008), have created "Ring" - a stirring and uplifting track full of heavy beats accompanied by some deep thoughts on life delivered in a monologue by Dafoe.

"There's comfort to the ordinary, the cage never being rattled, but sometimes you gotta rattle your own cage, slip the bars, go roaming, because everything's out there.
Whatever you want, it's out there.
You've gotta draw your own map, ring your own changes, lead yourself by your hand into the unknown

So as you ponder life post the Christmas and New Year comedown, and wonder what 2014 will bring - go to iTunes, download "Ring" now, and listen to some positive thoughts to help you figure it out. Well, it's cheaper than therapy.




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