Monday, 13 January 2014

Fashion Action: @kenzo_paris x Blue Marine Foundation - 'No Fish No Nothing'

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to buy one of Kenzo's new 'No Fish No Nothing' tees, and join in the fight to save the world's oceans.

Following on from their oceanic-inspired SS14 collection, which pitted the ocean against humanity, with a strong visual message to promote living in harmony with marine life - Carol Lim & Humberto Leon have collaborated with marine protection specialists, the
Blue Marine Foundation, to launch a line of unisex sweaters and T-shirts to help raise money to stop the destruction of marine life, overfishing and pollution.

Blue was established in 2010 by the same team behind the intensely sad but important documentary, ‘The End of the Line’, which essentially communicated that unless we demand political action from governments, chefs and restaurant owners and change our own eating habits, we could see the end of wild fish by the mid-century.

Essentially, unless we do something to conserve our oceans and the marine life which exist within them, future generations won't have the opportunity to appreciate their beauty for years to come.

Discussing the collaboration, Kenzo said, "We were eager to partner with a visionary organisation that spoke about how we could live in harmony with the ocean. As we researched different charitable associations, we discovered the Blue Marine Foundation to be the perfect match. We wholeheartedly support their mission in creating sustainable fishing and creating marine reserves. We are extremely excited about this long term partnership between Kenzo and the Blue Marine Foundation and hope to create more and more awareness to this issue.”

Chris Gorell Barnes, Blue's Co-Founder and Trustee said, “Fashion is one of the most powerful ways to communicate and Kenzo wanted to help us explain the crisis facing our oceans. We need more visionaries like Humberto and Carol who combine extraordinary design with important messaging.”

Check out the designs below, which will be sold in Kenzo stores, via and other participating retailers. For more information head to

Images © KENZO / FrameNoir



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