Wednesday, 29 January 2014

#DKNYDRAFT x Cara, Jourdan, Eliza, A$AP Rocky

Soundtracked by one of THE best tunes of 2013 - A$AP's "Fashion Killa"- DKNY have released #DKNYDRAFT, a short video campaign where fashion meets football, that's American Football by the way - the one where lots of grown men who look like their diet consists of dipping hot dogs into beer, run around with a rugby ball while wearing huge shoulder pads.

Superbowl hype will soon sweep across the United States of Americana, so obviously shoving logo embazoned helmets and custom football jerseys on British models Jourdan Dunn, Cara-Smoke-Rings and Eliza Cummings, alongside A$AP Rocky, made complete sense to Donna - and that's one tailgate party I'd like to go to.
Check out the video below.



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