Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Arca + Jesse Kanda x SSENSE - "Fluid Silhouettes"

File this under 'OMG This Video Is Amazing!'

Venezuelan producer Arca has collaborated with visual artist Jesse Kanda to create a short film to promote SSENSE's Spring / Summer 2014 collection. 
You may recall the innovative duo were also behind FKA Twigs' stunning "Water Me" (which I wrote about HERE).

Experimenting with Kanda's signature fluid liquid forms mutating into genderless figures, the video has a slightly dystopian feel to it, as shapes in motion transition into mens and womens silhouettes - a nod to the androgynous theme of the season.  
In sync with Arca's deep-electro soundtrack and eerie sound effects, I'm completely in love with this duo's vision...... STAY WEIRD! 



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