Monday, 2 December 2013

"Riot" x Ron Wan: Fight For What You Believe In

Embracing the story of Hong Kong's unending amalgamation of old and new, with its urban hi-tech sensibility and the neon-layered energy of its nightlife, fused with traditional Chinese culture, both evolving into one - designer and creative Ron Wan has created a short film series exploring the contemporary life of the city, and three reoccurring themes which define its survival.

"I moved to Hong Kong just a little under two years ago. I am constantly reminded of where I live by the Riots, the Typhoons, and the extreme Overtime," says Wan.

"These three reoccurring themes are very unique to the city. Sometimes so common to day-to-day life that they are forgotten/desensitized by the population. I wanted to showcase these traits, which I start to notice are traits that we are all interacting with worldwide.
Are we all living in Hong Kong? Are we all already living in the future?."

Images © Ron Wan, 2013

The film series stars model, fashion editor and self-proclaimed 'official alien', Ruby Gloom, and you can watch the first story titled "Typhoon" HERE.
The second film, "Riot" has just been unveiled, and features Ruby in the streets of Hong Kong clad in Hologram Denim by Naked and Famous, sportswear by Nike and jewellery by Viatory, including the stunning 'Crystal Medicine' ear cuff.
The film is set to the track 'Paralysed' by Ride, watch it below.



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