Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Rich Simmons x Tyler Shields: Art is the Cure

Image © Tyler Shields

Rising British urban artist Rich Simmons burst onto the scene in 2011, with his street art-inspired interpretation of William and Kate's wedding - 'Future ***King' depicting the royal couple as punk royalty, Sid & Nancy.

Now the provocative and experimental artist has collaborated with famed photographer, Tyler Shields, renowned for his work with young Hollywood, to present three large-scale works as part of Simmons' 'Art is the Cure' organisation, founded in 2008. 

The pair have created three large-scale works developed from Shields’s lip series which is currently on display at London's Imitate Modern - both artists are residents of the gallery.

Check out a video of the process behind the duo's new project below.


And while you're out Christmas Shopping this coming weekend, treat yourself to 'The Dirty Side of Glamour', a stunning photography tome and coffee table look-good, shot by Tyler, which depicts a visually raw journey through the trashier side of Hollywood life - basically how it really is.



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