Thursday, 19 December 2013

Queen Bey x Drake: "Mine"

Queen Bey is dropping those vids like it's hot right now (as Snoop Lion formerly Snoop Dogg would say).

If you haven't already downloaded her recent self-titled "Visual album", then you're missing out on the seriously sexy series of accompanying artsy videos which take you on a visual journey through the theme of each song.
However, you still get to watch each video because they're being released for everyone to enjoy.... just at a snail's pace.

The next one up features 
Beyoncé and Drizzy, aka Drake (swoon) for the track "Mine". 
In the Pierre Debusschere directed short, Queen Bey channels the Virgin Mary while going in lyrically deep about break-ups and make-ups, as ghostly interpretive dancers float around her, before the mood picks up to some hi-drama and tribal sand-dancing. 
Drake also raps “Do you wanna roll with a good girl? / Do it big, do it all for a good girl / One time, this is a song for the good girl". 
Just in case Drake reads this, I'm a good girl. Watch the video below.


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