Friday, 6 December 2013

Lots of 'isms - Lauryn Hill x Con$um€rism Lyric Video

When you're banged up inside (prison), I imagine you have plenty of time to think about life, the universe and basically everything that annoys you - which is precisely what former Fugees frontlady Lauryn Hill did, when she spent 3 months behind bars for tax evasion.

Post-prison and as part of her re-emergence into the charts, the singer has created a rapid-fire visual and verbal checklist of all the things she really dislikes about our world in a new lyric video entitled "Con$um€rism".
Designed in the style of a visual collage meets a stream of consciousness, the video addresses subjects such as nihilism, sexism, racism, skepticism, modernism and despotism - basically anything that ends in an 'ism, fused with strong statements about violence, power and the culture of celebrity.

This is Lauryn getting it all off her chest, good for her. Watch below.



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