Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Vauxhall Presents: Katy England x "This Is England"

Exploring British youth culture and style alongside the British heritage of Vauxhall Motors (who tie into London Fashion Week’s Vauxhall Fashion Scout platform), groundbreaking stylist Katy England (McQueen, Tom Ford, Givenchy with Riccardo Tisci), has unveiled her directorial debut in a short film to celebrate the motor firm's 110th anniversary.

The film was commissioned by Vauxhall as part of their new 'Vauxhall Presents' series which sees the company collaborating with key figures in the fashion, art and design industries.
Titled "Made in England" (see what they did there), the film stars Frank Lebon and Josh Quinton, as well as a cameo from England’s husband Bobby Gillespie - which probably explains why Primal Scream's "Nothing is Real / Nothing is Unreal" also plays out as the soundtrack. Watch below.

You can also see 13 stills from the film which will go on display at Somerset House for two weeks from 22 November.


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