Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Stevie Nicks x American Horror Story: Coven

Image © Herbert Worthington

Here’s the #1 reason why American Horror Story: Coven is THE BEST thing on TV ever (ever ever EVER) - Fleetwood Mac frontlady Stevie Nicks is to guest star on the show. 

Yup. I know. Now our lives are complete. That's thanks also to Supreme Bitch Witch Jessica Lange.

Series creator Ryan Murphy shared the news via Twitter, which was no surprise really since Episode 2 of the new season focused on 'Necromancer Witch' Misty Day (played by Lily Rabe) musing on how bewitched she is by Nicks, as Fleetwood Mac played in the background. 
Rabe's character is in fact obsessed with Nicks and spends most of her days bringing the dead back to life while shawl-twirling around swamps styled like Stevie circa-1976.
Nicks is set to appear as a 'White Witch', hopefully carrying a tambourine dripping in acres of ribbons.

Watch the show's dark and twisted title sequence just warms the cockles of my heart.



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