Thursday, 21 November 2013

Happy Birthday Björk!

'Bjork in Alexander McQueen' - Image © Andrea Giacobbe / SPIN Magazine Dec 1997

Forget Gaga and her ARTPOOP, she's really not as batshit fashion/art/music crazy as she would like us all to think, because the original Queen of batshit fashion/art/music crazy is of course, Björk - also the original gangster b**ch because nobody quite does jetlag like she does jetlag - taking out a reporter who simply greeted her in Bangkok - *Note* Never fuck with Björk.

So in homage to the little Icelandic terror who happens to be one of my all time favourite artists, ('Play Dead', 'Army of Me'), watch this short film by SHOWstudio's Nick Knight, which was made as a tribute to late designer Alexander McQueen’s inspirational body of work, set to a soundtrack by 
Björk, who wore many of McQueen’s most avant-garde, dark and dramatic designs - including the one above, shot in London by Andrea Giacobbe for SPIN magazine in 1997. 
Björk's score for this film is a fusion of strength and fragility, much like many of McQueen's breathtaking creations, with the singer's vocals growing in power as Knight's stunning visuals play out. Watch 'To Lee, with love' below.

Happy birthday Björk



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