Friday, 8 November 2013

FILM: Matt Lambert @dielamb x "The Libertine" x Madonna's #ArtForFreedom

Artist and filmmaker Matt Lambert's short film "The Libertine" - which was shot last year in Berlin with singer Patrick Wolf - has been re-discovered and showcased for Madonna and Steven Klein's collaborative art activism project - 'Art for Freedom'.

Set to Wolf's recent re-working of the track "The Libertine" as part of the 10 year anniversary retrospective album "Sundark and Riverlight", the film is a beautifully shot and modern re-telling of "From Russia With Love" - striking a chord with the current political climate as a sensitive yet visually provocative reaction to Russia’s anti-gay propaganda.
As Matt explains, 'With everything going on in Russia this year, we felt it was a better time than ever to get it out and share it with the world!".

Images © Matt Lambert

Watch the film below and you can also read my exclusive interview with Matt for Dazed Digital as part of LC:M SS14, where he discussed youth culture and the issues surrounding fashion film.



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