Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Brooke Candy x @VFILES - "Out Hear"

You know the best way to take what you really want in life? Shoplift it.

Or so Brooke Candy advises, in the latest video in VFiles 'Out Hear' series, which features the rapper hanging out with Matt Logos while she makes her way through NYC helping herself to orange tic tacs and a copy of CR Fashion Book - the one with Kim Kartrashian and her grill-mouth on the cover.
Brook also shares the "solid rules you need to know to get away with what you want". 
These tips might just come in handy for the Isabel Marant x H&M launch in stores next week....I'm kidding of course, don't shoplift kids, it's not cool or clever, and CCTV always adds pounds to your face.

Watch Brooke in action below, and after her theft-fest, you can check out hipster goth siren Zola Jesus exploring brutalist playgrounds and utilitarian architecture.




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