Wednesday, 9 October 2013

TLC - "Meant To Be" & Greatest Hits Album (remember them?)

I hate myself for remembering TLC, but then they were possibly one of the best R&B girl groups in the 90s, with hits like "Creep", "No Scrubs" and "Waterfall" and fashion that should never be re-visited, such as their tie-dye addiction, men's baggy jeans worn around the knees, bras as tops paired with coloured cargo pants and condoms taped to baggy sweaters - that was actually a reference to promoting 'safe sex' and educating people about AIDS - because if you're going to promote safe sex, what better way to do it than by pinning lubricated latex to your chest huh?

Anyway, for those of you who pretended to be the fourth member of TLC in your bedroom, you'll be elated to hear that October 15 marks 'TLC Day', the day the band release a greatest hits collection entitled "20" to celebrate almost 20 years of dance routines, all the stylists who let them down, and the songs you remember making out to at the school disco.

The 14-track album will include all the classics and also a brand new track, "Meant To Be", written by Ne-Yo and the two remaining members of the band, Tionne 'T-Boz' Watkins and Rozanda 'Chilli' Thomas - Lisa 'Left-Eye' Lopez died in 2002.
And with reunions being all the rage right now, it probably won't be long before the band appear on stage and bring Left-Eye back to life with the help of holograms, assisted by the same magic that brought us hologram Tupac at Coachella in 2012.

Listen to the audio of "Meant To Be" below, and you can also see the movie "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story" which premieres on VH1 on October 21, with Lil Mama as Left-Eye.

I have a feeling that 35 years from now, as we all still wait for iOS7 iMessage to update properly on our iPhones, we’ll still be talking about TLC....



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