Monday, 14 October 2013

LN-CC - 'Outsider: Youth on the Margins'

LN-CC has turned the spotlight on youth revolt for its October book-theme this month, curating a selection of rare and sought after publications which explore the concepts of teenagers living on the fringes of society.
From subjects including sex, drugs and an anti-establishment attitude to the vulnerable free spiritedness which oozes from adolescent pores - the selection of nine photo-books from the 80s to the present day have been compiled under the title, Outsider: Youth on the Margins.

The selection includes Mike Brodie’s engaging study of teenage drifters, and Harmony Korine’s 1998 release 'Bad Son', which features portraits of Macaulay Culkin and his then-wife Rachel Miner, following the filming of Sonic Youth's music video for 'Sunday', which starred the couple.

Other photographers who appear in this edgy series include Larry Clark, Jim Goldberg, Corinne Day and Mikio Tobara, all presenting their own unique vision of the restlessness and self destruction displayed across different youth tribes. 

Images © Harmony Korine



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