Thursday, 3 October 2013

Angel Haze x Brooke Candy - "Echelon (It's My Way)"

So two days ago I brought you the amazing new remix of Female MC Angel Haze's track "Echelon", by Aussie dance/rock trio Jagwar - and now I give you the just released official video for the original track "Echelon (It's My Way)", which is taken from Haze's album "Dirty Good".

Haze is throwing a party in her front garden (where she keeps her mobile-home-come-trailer), featuring baby paddling pools, models getting their twerk on and fellow chick rapper Brooke Candy. There's also some motorbike dudes making dust clouds and Dog the Bounty Hunter - yes that's right, I said Dog the Bounty Hunter. 

Watch the Skinny-directed clip below as Haze delivers her signature dissin' rhymes such as "Fuck dudes in Rag & Bone / obsess over chicks who look like Mary Kate and Ashley clones". 




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