Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Tribal Style: Springsioux

Image © Springsioux

Springsioux is in their words, "A tribe weaving through the crowd, remaining alive in the darkness", or alternatively, the brand founded by Pierre-Antoine De Myttenaere and Alisa Gusakova which is inspired by the story of Mexican gangs vs. heavy metal and shamanic rites vs. outlaw bikers - a style narrative for a cool clique defined by a sombre and primitive aesthetic.

Their story began in 2010 when Pierre-Antoine - then a guitarist in a new wave band - created a line of t-shirts inspired by American Indian culture, featuring strong visuals of animal totems on neatly cut garments and luxe fabrics. De Myttenaere later met Alisa Gusakova while on tour in Russia in 2011, and the pair created a collection of silver jewellery inspired by southwestern America (think bison cross necklaces, shaman pendants, indian skull rings, dreamcatcher chains) - and Springsioux was officially born.

"Lady Muerte" t-shirt with design by French tattoo artist Eddie Czaicki

Today, the brand has expanded its range into leather and fur garments, and this past Summer it opened its first boutique in Le Marais district in Paris - a space which reflects the brand's dark and edgy rock 'n' roll signature, from fashion and ready-to-wear accessories through to the antique-inspired decor, which includes 1930s furniture alongside hand-selected pieces such as candles, perfumes, books and old vinyl.

The concept store is a fan of mixing the old with the new, as you stumble across Chanel, Dior and Herm├Ęs classics carefully curated alongside younger and emerging Parisian and International labels such as Kofta, Moonchild, A. Knackfuss, Charlotte Mullor and A New Cross. There's also a nod to street culture with t-shirts by DRX Legend and cool collaborations with tattoo artist Eddie Czaicki (images above), and street artist Jack le Black - these follow the brand's core vision to develop and build its own unique style tribe through encouraging self-expression.

With #PFW just kicking off, what better time to go and explore their world for yourself -  48 Rue Ste Croix de la Bretonnerie 75004.


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