Friday, 20 September 2013

Topman x Spray On Jeans Campaign - 'The Way We Wear Them' #TopmanSprayOnJeans

Images © Topshop

On September 24, Topman launches its 'Spray On' campaign, which aims to educate guys everywhere how to rock the skinny jeans look.

It's all about individuality and styling them up your own way, channelling your inner lollipop-legged icons such as Iggy Pop or Mick Jagger, both of whom have embraced the spray on denim trend for decades - and not so much channelling your inner Mark 'Towie' Wright or Ollie Murs - sorry, but the super tight silhouette is most definitely not their friend.

Topman's new spray on collection will see a mix of different colours and washes, from plain indigo and black to acid wash and 70s blue, and will feature studded pocket detailing, frayed, shredded and leather effect finishes, and both cropped and super spray on versions (perfect if your legs resemble two cotton wool buds, minus the cotton). Prices will range from £30 - 45.

Watch three exclusive videos ahead of the campaign launch below.


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